National Regulatory Sandbox

What is NRS?

National Regulatory Sandbox (NRS) is an initiative to create a safe environment for companies to operationalize and experiment with new products, services, or business models. It enables regulators to closely monitor and evaluate the market impact with relaxation on existing regulatory requirement.


Offers innovators a ‘safe place’ to trial real-life products, services or business models

Enabling innovators to grasp regulatory requirements

Assist regulatory bodies to evolve their regulatory frameworks

Draw local and global investments, fostering job growth

Who will benefit
from NRS?

Ministries, Government Agencies, and Regulatory Bodies

Industry Players

Universities, Research Institutes, and Think-tanks

Startups/Corporations, Companies, and SMEs

Futurise Role in NRS Labs


Facilitate engagement activities, meetings, workshops and other events that includes industry players, stakeholders or government agencies.


Conduct analysis and preparation of documentation for data and feedback collated from meetings, workshops, and other events held during Engagements.


Drafting of Guidelines and conduct initial review of applications submitted by prospective applicants for the potential sandbox.

Driving the Future Economy agenda

The National Regulatory Sandbox will be able to unlock the potential of the Future Economy that can generate strategic impact to the country.


We've has played a pivotal role in shaping regulatory frameworks for Malaysia, introducing guidelines for Autonomous Vehicle Testing, Drone Testing, and Micromobility Safety. Moreover, ongoing industry research on Advanced Air Mobility is underway, paving the way for future regulatory interventions in Malaysia's evolving transportation landscape.


We've previously collaborated with Langkawi Development Authority (LADA) to develop Cyclotourism in Langkawi, creating guidelines to enhance the experience for cyclists. The objective is to streamline processes for cyclists in Langkawi, with the overarching goal of establishing Langkawi as a prominent hub for tourism cyclists.


We've established the testing guidelines for Online Healthcare Services, enabling health workers and practitioners to assess their online healthcare offerings under the oversight of the Malaysian Health Ministry.


In collaboration with the Ministry of Youth & Sports Malaysia and Esports Integrated (ESI), we've introduced NESDEG – National Esports Safety Guidelines. Covering player safety, contracts, ethics, careers, and the integration of science and medical practices, we're committed to fostering a secure esports environment.

Gig Economy

We've established regulation guidelines for Mobile Childcare Services, regulating safety and compliance under Jabatan Kebajikan Masyarakat (JKM). Concurrently, our 'Insights for Impact' Industry Study focuses on freelance educators in the gig economy, aiming to develop policies that enhance resilience amid economic uncertainties, particularly in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.


Delve into a trove of knowledge with our published Regulatory Guidelines & Industry Studies. Stay informed, stay ahead. Explore the insights that matter for your industry.